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Getting to Botswana, Zimbabwe & Zambia – African Bush Camps Safari Destinations

The research that goes into planning a safari itinerary to some of the remote, pristine wildlife areas on the African continent can sometimes be an intricate experience. Which is why we have created this easy to read breakdown of some of our recommendations for how to get in and out of the destinations our authentic safari camps and lodges can be found in.

How to get to Zim & Bots - Entry Points

Note: This information is only accurate as of date of last edit (4th July 2017) and is subject to change


Below is a breakdown of the flights and airlines that fly into each of the international airports highlighted.
From there we use the services of Mack Air for getting around Botswana and our sister company, Safari Logistics, for getting around Zimbabwe. Click here for a breakdown of connections to our camps and lodges with Safari Logistics.

Vic Falls

getting from Zimbabwe to Botswana image 1

getting from Zimbabwe to Botswana image 2

flights to Zimbabwe and Botswana 3

flights to Zimbabwe and Botswana 4


Getting to Zimbabwe and Botswana 5

flights to Zimbabwe and Botswana 6

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