Our Story

African Bush Camps was founded by a professional Zimbabwean guide, Beks Ndlovu, in 2006. He envisioned offering travellers the flexibility to explore the wonders of an African safari, rooted in the intimate heartlands of Africa, in harmony with its surroundings, and in touch with nature.

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Our Guides

Our guides are from local communities around our camps, they have a depth of local knowledge, a passion for wildlife and nature conservation, a talent for reading the language of the bush and sharing its stories, and the intuition to read guest needs and create experiences that set their souls on fire. Their mastery makes us the home of Africa’s best Safari Guides.


Our Heartlands

You will find our camps in the heartlands of Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Botswana. Here, you will experience an unrivalled depth of local knowledge, wildlife, conservation, and a passion for creating exceptional safari experiences.

Empathy and intuition are part of our core values, and our selection of camps & lodges is in touch with nature, their surroundings, and your need to explore Africa in a multitude of ways. Our camps operate in harmony with the surrounding land, wildlife, and people. They are sustainable, have minimal impact on the environment, and work as an interconnected footprint, symbiotically with the communities around our camps.

Our Foundation

We are staffed locally. Our African Bush Camps Foundation educates, empowers, and conserves in areas around our camps, and we collaborate with communities to find meaningful & sustainable solutions. Our Safari offering funds the operational costs of our Foundation so each safari booking, and each donation makes a direct contribution to our Foundation projects. Ultimately, our vision is to deepen our impact, not expand our footprint.

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  • Our Mission is to Guide You on the Ultimate African Safari Experience

    We understand your need for exploration, and we offer safaris that are both wild and luxurious, tailored to your preferences and the people with whom you will be travelling.