The Spirit of the Guide

Our safari guides are at the heart of African Bush Camps. With storytelling and teaching, they enlighten the guests by sharing their wonder, wisdom, and love of the African bush.

  • We believe that there is much more to an African safari than being driven around in a vehicle while passively viewing animals

    In combining the ultimate safari with an expert guide, we create the complete journey, where experiences, knowledge and passions are shared and where a standard safari is transformed into an extraordinary one. The quality of your guide, quite simply, makes or breaks your safari. All our guides are naturalists with exceptional experience and who know the African bush intimately and have an amazing knowledge of the African wilderness and its people. Their appreciation of the diverse cultures of the world and the needs of their guests allows them to deliver the ultimate safari.

Our Difference

The benefit of an African Bush Camps guided safari is that you are not confined to a set schedule. Instead, you are offered the flexibility to make the most out of your adventure; walking, talking and learning, game driving, bird watching and even indulge in doing nothing at all. Our team of top safari guides present Africa to you in a unique manner, sharing their passion and knowledge with you and leaving you with an unforgettable experience that will last you a lifetime.

The Guides’ Training Programme

In order to consistently increase and refresh the knowledge, passion, and experiences of our Guiding Teams, African Bush Camps host annual guide training. During this time, all of our camps are closed, allowing our professional guides to fully immerse themselves in a week of sharpening their skills and knowledge while being empowered and inspired by their peers.

The guide’s training programme has a big impact on the quality of our guiding in the camps and at the end of the day, the ultimate benefit will be for our guests and the incredible guided experiences they have across the African Bush Camps Portfolio of Camps.


Female Guides

Our Female Guides program was launched in 2021 and aims to develop female safari guides through skills training, mentorship, job shadowing, and rotations at African Bush Camps.We aim to develop 25 female guides in the safari industry by 2025.