Our Difference

The more time you spend in nature the more you understand your impact on it. We’re a group of travellers and nature lovers who want to show you the incredible spaces we love.

This intention flows through everything we do, from our consultants designing the perfect safari for you, to the camp hosts making you feel immediately welcome, to our guides ready to teach you about Africa.

We don’t only measure profits in our bottom line, but also in the impact we have on the environment, on our staff and the greater community at large.

With every night you stay with African Bush Camps, we contribute USD 10 towards the Foundation operational costs, so every donation you make will go 100% towards the intended project.

We believe there’s a difference between conserving and preserving. ‘Preserving’ means to lock something away to keep it isolated and unharmed.

On the other hand, ‘conserving’ is to use something wisely and have a positive impact on it. Our intention with our camps stems from this, we want to better the places we operate in.

This is done in many ways from being part of conservation efforts to employing people from at-risk communities on the outskirts of the national parks and implementing community development projects within these communities.