Our Locally Driven Foundation

Making an impact in the communities and wildlife areas surrounding our camps.

Our Purpose

Our collective Purpose is to Share and Conserve Africa, Together. We believe that this mission most accurately reflects the symbiotic relationship that exists among Conservation, Communities, and Sustainability. Our model of positive impact is therefore based on these three intertwined and mutually supportive focus areas:


How We Fund Our Purpose

African Bush Camps is home to the authentic African safari experience, operating tented bush camps and lodges in Africa’s heartlands, namely Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. African Bush Camps promotes and influences African safari travel on a global scale, all while focusing on CONSCIOUS AND IMPACTFUL EXPERIENCES.

The African Bush Camps Foundation is a non-profit organization that has been working alongside African Bush Camps since 2006. The Foundation operates in the areas in which African Bush Camps resides, and proactively partners with local communities and other organizations to support critical community empowerment, education, and conservation projects. In doing so, the Foundation facilitates human-wildlife coexistence and the protection of species and landscapes.


Responsibilities and Funding

Sustainability is a conscious business responsibility and therefore falls under African Bush Camps. All Sustainability-related expenses, such as the reduction of the environmental footprint of our company, camps and lodges, as well as staff development, are business expenses borne by African Bush Camps.

Conservation and Community costs are the responsibility of the Foundation.

Making A Difference In Botswana, Zimbabwe, And Zambia Since 2006

Our Foundation started alongside our business to give back. Our mission is to partner with communities that are located near our camps to improve quality of life and achieve long-term conservation. We focus on our three pillars education, community empowerment and conservation in collaboration with the local community and our staff who come from these communities.

We have projects running in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Botswana that focus on addressing challenges that include unemployment, food scarcity, poor education and healthcare infrastructure, low school attendance and dropouts due to financial constraints, wildlife poaching, and preserving natural resources.

Sharing and Conserving Africa, Together

We focus on making an impact in the areas surrounding our camps, through collaborating with the community to implement meaningful and sustainable solutions.

We don’t only measure profits in our bottom line, but also in the impact we have on the environment, our staff and the greater community at large. African Bush Camps cover the Foundation’s operating costs, with every night you stay with African Bush Camps, we contribute USD 10. Therefore, each donation received goes directly to the foundation projects.

When you visit us, you partner with us as we share and conserve Africa, together.


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