World Safari Day- How You Can Make a Difference

On the 25th of November 2020, we first launched World Safari Day as an annual occasion that celebrates Africa’s wildlife and its people. World Safari Day shines the spotlight on the importance of conserving Africa’s natural resources and authentic wilderness areas. Safaris are a great opportunity to create awareness in travellers and there are many economic benefits that this industry has brought to communities.

Did you know that over 30 million travellers visit Africa every year? This is approximately 10% of people who travel across the world globally. This is proof that tourism is a powerful vehicle for economic growth and job creation. Especially, considering the global pandemic, where our industry has taken the biggest hit during the numerous lockdowns, travel bans, and restrictions.

Through it all, safari operators’ have continued their involvement in conservation efforts and community projects.

We’ve bench-marked World Safari Day for tourism operators, travellers & communities impacted by the safari industry.

Can Booking a Safari Contribute to Conservation?

Yes. It certainly can. We’ll explain how:

Thousands of jobs are created in the local economy as a result of tourism. In fact, more than 20 million people in Africa work in the tourism sector, according to a report from the African Development Bank.

Governments are striving to keep tourist-friendly areas in pristine condition, which in turn stimulates the improvement and preservation of local infrastructure. Safaris benefit the local population by promoting local pride, especially when it comes to indigenous traditions. It also contributes to environmental awareness, which happens to be one of the most frequently cited positive effects of tourism.

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Educating visitors about the need of protecting the environment is a common goal at African Bush Camps. The safari sector relies on healthy ecosystems and abundant animals. Therefore, it is important to us that safari operators take an active role in supporting and maintaining the places where they operate.

Some safaris directly contribute to conservation efforts and have a significant role in the preservation of threatened species.

How You Can Celebrate World Safari Day

There are many ways you can celebrate World Safari Day this year. Perhaps you’re still in the planning phase of your African safari. There are a few ways you can celebrate in the comfort of your own home.

Donate to a Conservation Project You’re Passionate About

There are many conservation projects you can support by donating your time or resources. You can choose one which you are most passionate and celebrate World Safari Day this way. Here are a two you can donate to:

Create Awareness

Increasing public knowledge is a fantastic method to help animal conservation initiatives in an indirect way. The general population would be unaware of the environmental crisis and the urgent need for action if no one worked to raise awareness about it. You may help in a tiny but meaningful manner by spreading the word on social media, for example, which can reach many people at once; and where it can be retweeted and retweeted again. You can even spread awareness about World Safari Day on your social profiles.

Make Minor Lifestyle Adjustments

To rescue the environment, you only need to make smarter choices about your daily habits. Reduce the amount of plastic you use, and whenever possible, reuse or recycle it. Reducing your consumption of natural resources and emissions of hazardous gases, as well as finding environmentally friendly ways to dispose of old electronic gadgets, are other ways to make a difference.

World safari day

“World Safari Day supports responsible safari travel and encourages enthusiastic explorers to choose to travel to Africa,” says Beks Ndlovu. “It’s another reason for us to remind ourselves and our fellow safari operators to continue doing what we do best, give back to communities, and add value to conservation initiatives and the causes that help to make a positive difference in the lives of those impacted by the industry.”