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Founded by professional guide Beks Ndlovu, African Bush Camps aims to grow and specialise in luxury tented camps and lodges in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia. We offer extraordinary wildlife and safari experiences in some of Africa’s most untouched areas.



Why book with us?


Our Founder, Beks Ndlovu, is a Professional Guide with a passion for preserving remote lands. This vision permeates through our company. Between our guides, we have over 620 years of guiding experience, and it shows!


We do not separate ourselves from a conservation company. Our camps are sustainable, with minimal impact on the environment and our Foundation projects empower local communities. Our aim is to conserve and preserve the beautiful areas in Southern Africa.


We offer you a true experiential safari. Revel in the joy in discovery from a different perspective. In pristine locations in Africa. From community visits to trekking on foot to canoeing. We offer a holistic adventure that expresses the philosophy we stand by. Authenticity.

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    Founded by professional guide Beks Ndlovu, African Bush Camps has 17 luxury tented camps and lodges in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia. We offer extraordinary wildlife and safari experiences in some of Africa’s most untouched areas.

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The African Bush Camps Foundation is a non-profit focused on conservation, education, and empowerment in the communities near the company’s camps



  • What makes African Bush Camps stand out from the rest is the management’s support and training of their guides. I could not more highly recommend Africa Bush Camps. They have set the standard everyone else should be trying to achieve. They are excellence defined. 

    Shiela L
  • The hospitality of African Bush Camps is second to none.  I would encourage EVERYONE to visit Zimbabwe and stay with ABC! 

  • We arrived at Somalisa after 6 nights in the Mana Pools National Park to receive the now familiar ABC welcome: genuine smiles, warm greetings and peppermint-scented face flannels to wipe away the grime and dust.  

    Chris U
  • It’s human nature to seek out a trip that nobody else has experienced, and this is where high-end travel outfitter African Bush Camps comes in

    Condé Nast Traveler
  • Somalisa Expeditions has captured all the romance – and the wildness – of a true African safari experience. The carefully designed luxury camp sits in a grove of acacia trees, and is frequented by herds of elephants and, sometimes, lions.

    The Telegraph


When the marketing team makes you do the candy challenge....

But your traditional dance is way better 🎉

Visit the link in our bio to book your safari experience

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The majestic Okavango Delta is the heartbeat of Botswana🌍🧡 Traveling down The Okavango Delta is just one of the magical experiences African Bush Camps offers.
To find out more about The Okavango Delta visit our link in bio or check out our stories to take our quiz!

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We're not the only ones raving about our African bush camps, @lukebrownzim made an amazing video all about our camp in Hwange Zimbabwe, Somalisa Acacia.

Thank you Luke for all the kind words on our camp, Somalisa, and its incredible team!

To check out the full video check out the link in our bio!

For more awesome content don't forget to check out our African Bush Camp YouTube channel as well!

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#testimonythursdays via @tripadvisor

“Great location for Hwange National Park , delightful staff , great food and very comfortable accommodation at Somalisa ✨

Hwange National park is packed with wildlife and basing yourself at a good camp is essential to enjoy the area . Early starts on cold mornings are made easy with blankets and hot water bottles .

Be prepared to see elephant in camp at very close quarters as well as in the Park . Our top class quide was great ensuring we enjoyed as many sightings as possible . Sundowners were a joy !

Dinner , in fact all the food , was professionally prepared , varied and delicious . All the staff made our stay very memorable . Just fabulous”

- Jennifer

Today we highlight an initiative that is very close to our hearts. Situated in the Mabele region of Chobe Botswana, is a beautiful small business run by some amazing women, called Vuche - Vuche.

The Vuche Vuche Basket Weaving project aims to empower women from the local community through basket weaving. 🧺

This initiative creates employment opportunities whilst displaying Botswana’s heritage and
culture through beautiful crafts. Baskets are for sale at ABC trading posts, and guests can visit Vuche Vuche to learn basket weaving and experience traditional dances. 🌍

To help support these amazing ladies and to purchase your very own vuche-vuche basket, next time you're in Botswana make sure to look out for these lovely baskets and support a great initiative! 🇧🇼

Visit the link in our bio to to find out more about our foundation

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