What to Expect on a Family Safari with African Bush Camps

Embarking on a family safari in Southern Africa is a truly extraordinary adventure that offers a multitude of amazing experiences, and the opportunity to make everlasting memories with the people you love.

Our intimate heartlands offer an array of authentic experiences. From the vast shores of Lake Kariba to the captivating Okavango Delta and the diverse ecosystems of Mana Pools, our family safaris span across three of Africa’s most iconic destinations,

Our safari experts have years of experience in creating the perfect family safari itinerary catered to your needs and expectations, especially when it comes to making sure the children are entertained. You can rest assured that every member of your family will be fully immersed in the magic of the African wilderness.

Our Family Safari Adventure takes you across Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe for an action-packed circuit of the best the region has to offer. This trip of a lifetime gives parents a chance to relax, while also providing the perfect bonding moments for the whole family. Our experienced safari guides will tailor the wide range of activities on offer to suit the age of your children.

Our Botswana Family Safari allows you to experience the best of this prime safari tourism location. From the remote Linyanti Riverside to the lush waterways of the Okavango, here you can witness huge herds of game crossing the vast open landscape – a truly humbling, unforgettable scene.

Whatever your preference, our staff go above and beyond to ensure your family’s comfort. Relax by the pool, play board games under the starlit sky, or share stories around the dinner table, savoring delicious meals prepared with love and care. Each moment is an opportunity for connection and shared experiences that will create lasting memories.

Our Most Popular Family Safari Camps

Our Ngwana Club (Ngwana meaning explorer) offers family-friendly activities designed by staff to cater to children of all ages. Some of the activities include nature walks around the camp, cooking classes, storytelling and crafts.

So, gather your adventurous spirit, your curiosity, and your loved ones. Let African Bush Camps be your guide to a family safari that will ignite your senses, inspire your hearts, and create bonds that will last a lifetime.