Family Safari Experiences

Don’t tell your kids about the world, show them!

A family safari in Africa is a special experience

Spending quality time with loved ones, while exploring Africa’s vast wildernesses together, meeting the warm and welcoming cultures, and sharing in their excitement is a truly unforgettable experience. A family safari is quite different from a solo or couple safari. It requires more planning, since the kids will be accompanying you on your trip. Our consultants are equipped to help you with any question you have concerning your family-friendly, African safari. At African Bush Camps, conservation and sustainability is a top priority. If you’re an advocate for eco-friendly travel, you may be interested in finding out how your family can contribute to the welfare of the region you’re travelling in.

Our Top Family Safari Experiences

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What to Expect

A family safari will include:

  • Reconnecting with one another
  • Slowing down the hectic pace of everyday life
  • Talking and laughing around the fire
  • Sharing unique wildlife sightings &
  • Creating long-lasting memories