Family Safari Experiences

Don’t tell your kids about the world, show them! 

A safari holiday is a true adventure, and I’m delighted to see families embarking on them together. This is an opportunity to reconnect with one another and slow down from the hectic pace of everyday life. Talking and laughing around the fire while sharing unique wildlife sightings, is what long-lasting memories are made of. Plus, African Bush Camps offers fun activities for your kids (so you can also have a holiday) 

Our Family Safari Experiences

What to Expect

A family safari will include:

  • Reconnecting with one another
  • Slowing down the hectic pace of everyday life
  • Talking and laughing around the fire
  • Sharing unique wildlife sightings &
  • Creating long-lasting memories
  • Game Drives

    Game drives are what gets us up in the morning in the African bush, they’re a great avenue for exploring the land in a safe and exciting way.

  • Walking Safaris

    Buckle up your boots and explore the wonders of the natural world with African soil crunching beneath your feet.

  • Bird Watching

    Delight in spotting the Arnot’s chat, the Goliath heron or the majestic Long-crested eagle.

  • Cultural Visits

    Working together with the communities located in the areas surrounding where we operate gives locals an opportunity to be self-sustainable.