The World Pursuit Visits Linyanti

We leave with a story and a sense of belonging on every safari. Our descent into Linyanti Concession revealed a breathtaking canvas—the swamps of Linyanti sprawling endlessly, hosting a majestic parade of elephants, marking the start of our time in the bush. There is nothing like a safari in a proper wilderness area like Linyanti.

Few destinations and trips offer the opportunity to fully disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with the natural one. On every African safari we leave with a new perspective on life. Not only that, but it’s hard not to walk away smiling after spending time with a herd of elephants or a pack of wild dogs.

Linyant Bush Camp is an adventurer’s haven in Botswana’s wilderness, and one of the best places to safari in Africa. Positioned between the Greater Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta, this untamed paradise teems with wildlife intricately connected through the vibrant Linyanti Channel.

The lodge, seamlessly blends luxury with the wild, offering open-air tents that balance comfort with a true sense of wilderness. The tents sit on stilted decks and allow for commanding views of the Linyanti Channel and floodplains from the banks.

In the dry season, the animals move to the plains and channels in search of water, so we had constant animal sightings from the tents, including elephants, buffalo, lions, zebras, and hyenas. It felt as if there was always some wildlife in camp, which meant nights filled with the sounds of nature.

Safaris in Linyanti offer various activities—from game drives and bush walks to tranquil mokoro rides and thrilling night drives. Each experience peels back a layer of this captivating wilderness, inviting immersion in its wonders. Every experience provides an opportunity to experience the wild in a new way.

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African wild dogs have always been our favorite animals. Close to our camp at Linyanti was a pack of eight that gave us plenty of entertainment. After spotting them one evening, our expert guides, Dutch and 007, set us up to find the pack the following day, which we found in no time while on the hunt. We spent three hours that morning with the dogs hunting, eating, resting, and socializing.

african wild dogs

Guests are guaranteed an incredible safari with at ABC’s Linyanti Bush Camp. Much of this stems from their hospitality, which goes above and beyond. The staff members were friendly and helpful, keeping us comfortable during our time in the bush.

It’s tough to complain with great food and a cold drink. Most important are the guides with whom you will spend a lot of time. We had two of their finest guides with us during our time in Linyanti, who ensured we had a tremendous safari.

Pack your bags for safari and get ready for this incredible adventure.