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The Cub Club – Bhubesi’s Babies

Bhubesi’s playful cubs have been spotted drinking from the Somalisa Pan.

Video taken by: Sandra Arndt.

This is the second time Bhubesi, the dominant male has mated with the one of the females of Cecil’s Pride. Unfortunately Nobuhles cubs didn’t make it. Nobuhle was the first female in the pride the lion mated with. We are keeping our fingers crossed these 3-month old cubs will be well looked after.

The Somalisa concession was once home to the renowned Cecil The Lion. The mighty Cecil has left a legacy which will live on for years in Hwange National Park. Our Zimbabwe safari camps, Somalisa Camp, Somalisa Acacia and Somalisa Expeditions are among the luxury lodges in the area.

Images taken by Yvonne Bahlangene and Calvet Nkomo


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