Mayeso Banda: A Journey from Builder to Learner Guide and Beyond

Mayeso’s dream has been to follow in his father’s footsteps. He is studying to become a fully qualified Professional Guide.

In the African Travel Industry, it is well known that the qualification process of becoming a Professional Guide in Zimbabwe is the most stringent and meticulous of all, only the most dedicated, hard working and passionate individuals gain full qualification. Mayeso was identified by respected Professional Guide Nic Polenakis, Ambassador and Head of Guide Training at African Bush Camps, as possessing these qualities. He was offered a variety of jobs at our Somalisa Camp until he set his sights on guiding. With particular interests in botany and animal behaviour, Mayeso is currently a Learner Guide and plans to continue his studies until he receives his Professional Guide certification.

Mayeso with fellow Professional Guide Mike Padiwa
May 1
Mayeso with camp colleagues at Somalisa Camp

Mayeso learned a lot from his father who was a guide and renowned Parks Ranger at Ngweshla in Hwange National Park and shares a passion for birding with his dad. Mayeso plans to continue his education, learning and research and hopes that other young people ‘follow his tracks’, as he says “each individual in Zimbabwe is benefiting from what we have here”. Watch this video of Mayeso talking about his experience thus far and his aspirations for the future: