Lolebezi – Creating the Perfect Space for the Eco Conscious Traveller

The term “sustainable travel” is defined by the World Tourism Organization as “the management of all resources in such a way that economic, social, and aesthetic requirements can be met while cultural integrity, fundamental ecological processes, biological diversity, and life support systems are maintained.

It’s natural to want others to feel the same way you do when you truly love and appreciate something. This is our attitude toward Africa. This continent has so many opportunities, extraordinary encounters, and experiences to offer. It is becoming increasingly important for us to preserve Africa’s resources, beauty, and cultures, so that future generations may experience all that we are exposed to now.

Fortunately, we are not alone when it comes to prioritizing sustainable travel in Africa. There are many people, organizations, safari hotels, and camps that are making great strides in this space.

With that top of mind, we would like to introduce you to the latest addition to the African Bush Camps family, Lolebezi.

We’ve partnered with Yusuf family to bring you a world-class, luxury, sustainable Zambia safari experience.

The 3rd generation Yusuf family are born Zambians, and share in our passion when it comes to preserving Africa and its wildlife for future generations.

Where in Zambia is Lolebezi located?

Lolebezi is being built in the far east of the Lower Zambezi. The river lodge is considered to be off the beaten track, because of its remote location. Making it the perfect safari destination for the traveller in search of an oasis, away from the bustling city life.  

One of the most unique features of the Lolebezi is that it is located right on the river’s edge. You will be exposed to the full view of the Lower Zambezi, which also means that you are in the right place to experience marvelous wildlife encounters. Imagine that! Right on your doorstep.  

Design Inspiration  

The design of Lolebezi was inspired by the ebb and flow of the lower Zambezi river, the abundance of shade provided by the Winterthorn forest, and the demands of two distinct but equally challenging seasons. 

Lolobezi is located right on the banks of one of Africa’s most renowned and fabled rivers, which has influenced not only its name but also its understated adaptation of the lodge’s modernist forms; twisting and bending architectural elements upon themselves, all in service to the spirit of the mighty Zambezi River and how our guests will feel during their stay. 

Lolobezi is currently being built using traditional materials like grass thatch, reeds, canvas, and mahogany, among other recyclable materials. 

We have partnered with a family who shares the same values as African Bush Camps and are deeply passionate about wildlife and the role it plays in Africa. Together, we aim to create a world-class Zambian experience that would celebrate the location and the wildlife in the area, while surpassing anything previously done or seen in the region.  

Lolebezi’s design will satisfy all the practicalities of a family escape and simultaneously set new standards in the realm of African hospitality to delight seasoned travellers. 


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What Makes Lolobezi Sustainable? 

As custodians of a 5-hectare concession with direct access to the Zambezi River, we have a responsibility to connect travellers with Africa’s wildlife and people, as well as to emphasize the good impact that conservation can have on our precious world. 

The integrity of the design’s simple modernist geometries, and the layers of sustainable, ecologically sensitive techniques used in the construction and operation of the lodge, is what really gives the design its sophistication. Everything from the low weight framework of the complete building, which is gentle on the ground, to the photovoltaic power is environmentally friendly. 

More sustainable measures embedded in the design of Lolebezi: 

  • Lolebezi is powered by an off-grid solar farm, built in the Winterthorn forest surrounding the river lodge.   
  • The water supply and waste will be managed by a staged treatment system, which will prevent any waste from entering the river system.   
  • Currently, the lodges’ floors, walls, and roofs are being layered with insulation materials to mitigate heat gain, and loss during winter, inside the suites.   
  • Thermodynamic panels, similar to air-source heat pumps, absorb heat from the atmosphere and convert a refrigerant into a gas that is then used to heat water for the showers, baths, and basins, as well as all the services in the kitchen
  • Intelligent, concealed climate control systems have been used throughout to ensure guest comfort, whilst remaining energy efficient and always conscious of the generation capacity of the solar farm.  
  • The choice to use a light-gauge structural steel frame as opposed to timber provides for an enormously increased speed of construction and erection, which minimizes the transport requirements to this very remote site, reducing the extent and the time for which there is an increased human impact on the site.  
  • Lastly, the light-gauge steel is 100% recyclable, meaning that the entire structural frame of the suites could one day be reprocessed and re-made without a single tree being cut down.