Lewis Mangaba: Unsung Hero Nomination


We’d like to share a huge Congratulations to Lewis: Winner of the Unsung Hero Award! We stand steadfast behind Lewis in all the future holds for him! A  big thank you to Beks Ndlovu, for graciously accepting the award on Lewis’ behalf at Pure in Marrakesh on 12 September 2017! Meet the rest of the Mavericks here.


We are thrilled and delighted to announce that Lewis Mangaba, one of our best-loved and most respected professional guides, has been nominated for a PURE Award. The ‘Unsung Hero’ award recognises the dedication and passion of guides who go an extra mile to offer a truly transformational experience to their guests. We believe that Lewis, through his comprehensive knowledge of the bush, outstanding tracking abilities, his gentle manner and people skills, embodies the spirit of the ‘Unsung Hero’. Please could all of our fellow tribe members who know and love Lewis as we do join together to vote for him in the PURE Awards.

Pure takes place over the 10th to 14th of September in Marrakech. ‘Pureists’ from all over the world will be attending, “united by their mission to Change Worlds by catalysing adventure, fostering personal connections and encouraging a conscientious approach to the environment and local communities.” – Pure

Lewis constantly surprises us with his poetic and inspiring posts on Facebook. He is a keen photographer and storyteller! A pleasure to work with, Lewis is constantly finding the good in every situation and sharing his love for the bush and all things wild! Here are some of our favourite images from Lewis:


Lewis blog bhubesi


Lewis blog post cecil