Liuwa Plain National Park

A wealth of wildlife

One of the most pristine safari experiences

Huge, remote, pristine; Liuwa Plains is one of the continent’s few remaining untouched wildernesses and the only park in Zambia that still has local people living in and around the park as they have done for centuries. It’s a magical place. A place where mesmeric thunderstorms dance along the horizon and rivers wrap themselves along its boundaries. A place that witnesses the second biggest wildebeest migration in Africa each year, and plays host to a strong cheetah population, as well as 50-strong clans of hyenas, many zebras and a fantastic variety of around 300 bird species, and that’s without mentioning its famed lion population, of course. Since the wildlife is spread out across the plains, you may have to drive a little longer for a sighting, but that’s what makes the whole experience that bit more special. The harder you search, the greater the reward.


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