New Year, New Lodge: Introducing Lolebezi to the African Bush Camps Family

Lolebezi is the latest addition to the African Bush Camps family. The luxury safari lodge is being built in the eastern part of the Lower Zambezi National Park on 5 hectares of unspoiled protected wilderness.

Lolebezi will offer travellers a unique, secluded, wilderness experience.

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The lodge is being constructing on the banks of the Lower Zambezi, boasting in one kilometre of river frontage. Travellers can expect a immersive, world-class Zambian experience, which celebrates the location, wildlife and the Lolebezi’s luxurious, yet unpretentious design.

Where Does the Name Lolebezi Come From?

The name Lolebezi is a combination of the owners’ sons’ names, “Lolo” and “Zambezi,” emphasizing the value put on family and the incredible adventures that await on the banks of the lower Zambezi.

Lolebezi – What to Expect on Your Stay  

The luxury lodge will comprise of 4 stand-alone signature river suites and 2 x 2 bedroomed family signature suites with a shared sitting room, separate entrance, a dining room, and sunken verandah. Lolebezi caters to different types of travellers, including solo, couples, and families. Each room will have a private plunge pool and a thatch-roofed sala overlooking the Zambezi River. 

The main dining area is built from reclaimed African railway sleepers and will include an all-day dining café and a pizza bar. From the main dining area, you will have a 360-degree, double-volume bar, suspended over an inlet of the Zambezi River. The lodge will also have an upper-level games room to keep the kids entertained. If you are interested in a more secluded African safari experience, you will find the private dining room, river-pods for private picnics, and a viewing deck suspended in the tree canopy more appealing.  


The Lower Zambezi National Park is undeveloped, and its beauty comes from its natural state. Lolebezi is located to the east of the park. Here, your chances of getting close to game wandering in and out of the Zambezi River channels are very high. The Lower Zambezi National Park is located opposite the iconic Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe and is also a part of the UNESCO heritage site. The areas surrounding the Zambezi River act as a massive wildlife sanctuary and offer the most incredible walking safaris, if not one of the best in Africa. The wild acacia forest is a significant feature of the Lower Zambezi National Park. 

During your stay at Lolebezi, you may encounter large herds of elephants, who frequent the banks of the mighty Zambezi. Island hopping buffalo and waterbuck are quite common too. The park hosts good populations of lions, leopards, and a diversity of bird species, including the fish eagle.  

Lolebezi – Creating the Perfect Space for the Eco Conscious Traveller

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Activities at Lolebezi

At Lolebezi, you will be able to partake in game drives led by our professional guides, canoe safaris, and world-class fishing trips. For travellers looking for a more relaxed safari, an open-air cinema can be arranged in the Winter Thorn Forest, as can private picnics.

Due to seasonal flooding, game drives and walking safaris are prohibited during December through to March. However, fishing, canoeing, and cruising will be permitted. In fact, boating is allowed all year round.

Sustainability & Sensitivity

Lolebezi is powered by an off-grid solar farm, which comprises of photovoltaic panels that have been constructed in the Winterthorn forest surrounding the lodge. The water supply and wastewater are managed via a staged treatment system that ensures no pollution of the river. Even the lodge’s floors, walls, and roofs are comprised of a complex layering of insulation materials to reduce heat gain inside each suite.


Lolebezi has intelligent, hidden climate control systems all over the lodge to make sure that guests are comfortable, while still being energy efficient and aware of the solar farm’s capacity.

The Significance of Staying in a Lodge Nestled Along the Majestic Zambezi

  1. You’ll be staying close to the 4th  largest river in Africa.
  2. The Zambezi River has a total catchment area of about 1 390 000 km2 and a length of about 2700 km, which makes it the fourth-largest river on the African continent. After the Nile, the Congo/Zaire, and the Niger, it goes on to the next three rivers.
  3. The Zambezi flows through six countries.
  4. The Zambezi runs through six countries, before making its way to the Indian Ocean. These countries are all on the African continent and include Zambia, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique.
  5. It flows over several waterfalls.
  6. The most significant feature of the Zambezi River is the iconic Vic falls. Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world and a World Heritage Site. The Chavuma Falls in north-west Zambia and the Ngonye Falls in western Zambia are two other well-known falls over which the river plunges.
  7. It has two huge sources of hydroelectric power that it can use.
  8. The Kariba Dam (also known as Lake Kariba) and the Cahora Bassa Dam are both man-made dams built to provide hydroelectric power to Zambia and Zimbabwe, and Mozambique and South Africa. It’s 200 miles from Victoria Falls to Kariba, which is the world’s largest man-made lake.
  9. It is a source of nourishment for endless wildlife
  10. The Zambezi River runs through many national parks and game reserves, providing nourishment to diverse wildlife, including game, birdlife and fish species. Game drives along its banks and cruises in its waters will show you everything from elephants to hippos, to crocs, and water buffalo.