While You’re Away – A Poem from Africa



Times are uncertain, but this I’ll tell you is true

It’s a time for rest and relaxation, a time to focus on you

While we take a beat to recover and unwind

We are here to give you some peace of mind

While we sit in our apartments and spend time with our family

Africa is getting ready with her warm hospitality

Her wide-open spaces will be here when it’s over

Ready to drive you around in a safari land rover

Game drive_ elephant-1

We march on to her rhythmic beat

And explore the lands with our feet

We’ll paddle passed hippos and crocs in our canoe

And find all the animals, lion, elephant and gnu

We all have the hearts of explorers

And once this is done we’ll investigate every corner

Africa’s orange sun will rise again

Every storm runs out of rain


Tourism needs you now more than ever,

We need your support through this endeavor,

We ask you instead of cancelling, to postpone

And together we’ll make this a historic milestone

So, for now, dream with us and share your campfire story

And Africa will return in all her glory.

While right now we don’t have an answer about when the travel ban might be lifted, we invite you to follow our journey — to dream about Africa and carry on the legacy of saving wildlife together. Live vicariously through our videos, pictures, and stories. Support our Foundation. Share your memories and stories. Escape with us. Analyse with us. Grow with us, and once this storm has run out of water, we can share Africa with you once again. We’ve put together an outline of How to Plan a Safari Amidst COVID-19.

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