‘Twas the Night Before Christmas ‒ on an African Safari

‘Twas the night before Christmas ‒ on an African safari,

The sky twinkled overhead, bright and starry.

All through the camp and all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring not even a grouse.

No sound of a hippo’s laugh, or a lions roar,

Everyone’s resting for a day to explore…


It’s a warm and green Christmas on African land,

The morning newspaper here – is footprints in the sand.

Walking on land with giants makes you feel alive,

All your senses heightened ‒ here only the fittest survive!

This vast and dusty continent has a charm and allure,

Everything is astounding like the sunrise on the valley contour.


christmas table somalisa 2


Instead of snow, we have thrilling thunderstorms,

It’s brilliant how wildlife truly transforms.

From Mana Pools forest mist, with lone sunbeams,

To gliding through the meandering Okavango ‒ Africa is the dream.

In this season the babies are born and the land turns bright green,

The wild dogs are chirping and merry, led by their queen.


We have kudus for reindeer,

We have 4×4’s instead of sleighs to steer.

Acacia’s replace pine Christmas trees,

A festive Christmas you’ll have with the sun and the breeze.

The day might be done, as cricket chirps fill the air,

Just a normal African Christmas affair.