Seven Solo Female Travel Trends in 2023

Ladies are going out into the world to find meaning and purpose, and they’re catching flights while they’re at it.

Solo female travel is becoming the new buzz word in the travel industry, as more and more women prefer to explore the world on their own. For most of these women, it’s not just about filling their passports but more about creating awareness for eco-tourism and conservation efforts around the world. With that said, bear in mind that there are different types of solo female travellers. There are those who travel when they find the time or have enough leave, others who retire and then travel, and then, of course, the spontaneous solo female traveller.


The key sentiment among most solo female travellers is that it gives them a sense of meaning and purpose while exploring some of the most amazing destinations in the world.

Another motivation for travelling on their own is the freedom to curate their own itinerary, on their terms, including a increased sense of independence, as well as a boost in confidence.

Solo Female Travel Trends in 2023

1. Safety influences most females travel choices

Solo female travellers check to see if a place is safe before they go there 65% of the time. To get a sense of how safe a country is, they’re most likely to ask for advice from people who have been there before. They also read reviews, consult travel experts, look at crime statistics in the area, message boards, travel communities, or travel forums for more information.

2. Solo female travellers are choosing bucket-list adventures

Statistics have shown that solo female travellers are opting for bucket list activities and experiences. In fact, female solo travellers are likely to book tours and activities 67% of the time.

Helicopter trip over vicfalls with African bush camps

Lockdowns were a time of reflection for many people across the world, which means our previous bucket list may have grown way bigger than before. The same is true for solo female travellers. 2023 is the year solo female travellers are fulfilling their bucket lists.

3. Solo female travellers are looking to discover new places

The solo female traveller is interested in new experiences, especially after nearly three years of lockdown. Journey Women conducted a survey where they found that 62% of solo female travellers are looking to find something new.

4.  Solo female travellers are now ‘trip stacking’

Trip stacking refers to booking multiple trips that allow you the flexibility to cancel or change your dates. This way, you secure your space, whether it is on a flight or holiday package. Millenials and Gen Z solo female travellers are more likely to take this route.

5. Solo female workcations are growing

Before the pandemic, “workcation” was hardly even a buzzword. To take a vacation, you needed a few days off from work, a public holiday, or a gap year.But because many people around the world have become used to working from home, working from a beach or on a African safari doesn’t seem like a big deal. At least once a year, more and more solo female travellers are opting to go on workcations.

6. Solo female travellers prefer concious travel

In 2023, more and more solo female travellers are opting to travel to destinations that are environmentally-friendly and sustainable. This trend is not only prevalent among female travellers, but in the travel industry as a whole.

7. Slow travel experiences

A good way to understand slow travel is to think about the opposite first. Falling all over your feet while rushing around to your next activity is no fun.

Slow travel means taking your time to enjoy the places you visit, and usually, you’ll stay longer in one place because of it. For example, on an African safari, you might see a lion stalking its prey, or a herd of elephants gathering around a waterhole, and then, suddenly, you find yourself fully immersed in your environment.

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Did You Know: Facts About Female Travel

Female Travellers Far Out Weigh Men

Solo female travellers outnumber males nearly two to one when travelling alone, and the number is growing.

female guides in Kwapa

According to a recent global survey, more than one in two women has experienced a solo holiday, with 75% planning their next solo trip.  In the last five years, web searches for “solo female travel” have increased dramatically, and it appears that American females are leading the pack. Every year, almost nine million females leave the United States to travel abroad, with an average of three visits each year.

Female Travellers Love Booking Activity-Based Tours

Many activity-based tour providers have reported that they are seeing a rise in female travellers booking activity-styled tours. Most of which prefer to join in on a guided experience, activity, or tour. At the end of the day, it’s a great way to meet new people.

Female Travellers are Choosing to Go Off the Beaten Track

With all due respect to everyone else, a girl’s finest travel companion is herself. Traveling alone can be a really liberating and eye-opening experience, and the sensation of complete freedom to go wherever you want and do anything you want is simply unrivalled.

More and more females are choosing to travel to secluded destinations. We have found that an African safari provides the perfect remote experience. Away from the noise of the busy city life and all of your responsibilities, a Botswana safari, is particularly popular, especially since you can include a trip to the majestic Okavango Delta.

Safety Influences Female Travellers Destination Preferences

Nearly 65% of single female travellers research a destination’s safety before visiting. Females are more likely to seek advice from others who have more experience with the destination they’re heading to. They also do more research through reading reviews, consulting guidebooks, looking at local crime data, and visiting message boards or travel communities.