Our Top Wildlife Sightings for the Year 2021

We decided to wrap up 2021 with a compilation of our top wildlife photographs from our Instagram. Our guides, guests and the rest of the staff really do an amazing job of capturing the majestic wildlife of Southern Africa, and sharing them with us.

This year, the elephants really showed off and stole the show!

Here are some of our Top Wildlife photographs from Jan- Dec 2021!

1. A Thirsty Visitor at Kanga Camp | Zimbabwe




2. The Giant of Mana | Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe

3. More Elephants in Mana Pools National Park

4. Majestic Elephant Crossing at Khwai Leadwood | Botswana

5. Gorgeous Baby Elephant at Nyamatusi Camp | Zimbabwe

6. Welcoming a New Host at Somalisa Camp | Zimbabwe

7. Wild Dog Pups Pulling Hearts at Khwai Leadwood | Botswana

8. Just Chilling at Somalisa Camp | Zimbabwe

9. Up Close & Personal at Kanga Camp |Zimbabwe

10.  6-week Old Cubs, Sighted at Ngwehla Plains in Hwange National Park

11. 3- month Old Leopard Cub Near Linyanti Airstrip | Botswana

12. Morning Road Block in Khwai | Botswana