Our Safari Guides

Between all of our guides, we have a combination of 240 years of qualified professional guiding experience. Its their passion that is at the core of Africa Bush Camps.

Zimbabwe Guides

Albert Paradzai

Growing up in the wilds of Zimbabwe instilled a passion for the bush in Albert. This passion has resulted in his desire to share the magic of a safari with his guests. Albert received his professional guiding qualification in less time than normal and since then he has amassed over 22 years of guiding experience allowing him to share his knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for Africa with guests from all over the world.

Steve Chinhoi

Steve spent his early childhood herding cattle and fishing near his village, he loved spending his time outdoors. Steve fell in love with guiding during a holiday consisting of hiking from Kazungula to Victoria Falls, rafting from Victoria Falls to Deka drum and finally canoeing from Deka Drum to Mlibizi.

Calvet Nkomo

Calvet started guiding in 1995 and brings a wealth of knowledge to African Bush Camps, having worked for National Parks, Touch the Wild Safaris, CC Africa (now &Beyond), Matetse Game Lodge and Wilderness Safaris. He is also fantastic with children and enjoys teaching them whilst in his care.

Henry Bandure

Henry is an expert walking, driving and river guide in Mana Pools. He guided and hosted Sir David Attenborough when he was in Mana Pools filming the 'Painted wolf' episode for the 'Dynasties' series.

Mike Padiwa

Growing up so close to Hwange National Park, Mike’s love for the bush and curiosity in animal behaviour comes naturally. His goal as a guide is to blend into his surround to the point where animals ignore his presence and continue with their daily activities.

David Ndlovu

David started training in 1998 and qualified as a guide in 2006. He started working for Touch The Wild under the tutorship of two fantastic guides and then as a Freelance guide in Hwange. David loves sharing cultured African stories with his guests and particularly enjoys walking safaris as he believes they bring you closer to nature.

Cloud Magondo

Cloud joined African Bush Camps after working with Wilderness Safaris for 5 years, as a professional River Guide. His passions are canoeing, star gazing, insects, lowers, shrubs, grass, birds, trees and animal behaviour. While his favourite species are the Malachite kingfisher, crocodiles, waterbuck, wild dogs, honey badger and the hippopotamus.

Reggie Mafa

Reggie started as a camp hand in Matusadonha National Park and worked his way up to assistant guide. Since then he has worked in various areas in Zimbabwe, continuing his training.

Maxwell Siadembe

Maxwell fell in love with guiding from an early age when guides from Bumi Hills Lodge would visit his primary school on community excursions. Now with over 18 years of guiding experience, he is a fabulous and knowledgeable guide at Bumi Hills.

Madison Siakalungu

Madison's guiding career started when he was assisting guides at Bumi Hills Safari Lodge, he now has 7 years of qualified guiding experience.

Armstrong Muzamba

Armstrong is a bird specialist and his enthusiasm for everything wild is contagious, inspiring everyone within earshot. Armstrong’s passion and quest is to explore the wildest and most remote parts of Africa and share these unspoilt locations with his guests.

Takesure Kuonatsoka

Takesure, or TK as he is fondly known, takes inspiration from the mighty Zambezi River, and finds both peace and excitement when leading canoe safaris. On land, he loves sharing his in-depth knowledge of ecology, botany, flora and fauna with his guests, for a fully immersive safari experience.

Ntando Mkwebu

Ntando spent his childhood exploring national parks all over the country. While camping in Hwange with his father one night, Ntando heard the call of a hyena and the call to spend his life in the bush, working with and protecting his natural heritage.

Godwin Dhure

Godwin has always had a passion for everything wild and after admiring the guiding profession for 11 years, Godwin decided to shift gears and careers and become start his journey to becoming a professional guide.

Carina Storey

Carina’s journey as a guide began when she met a professional guide, who inspired her with stories of thrilling adventure. Her passion is showcasing beautiful landscapes and showing guests the power of a shared experience in nature.

Clement Siafunda

Clement was raised in a small village in the Zambezi Valley. Being exposed to the natural world fostered a deep passion and respect for wildlife and inspired him to pursue a career in guiding.

Mariet Mashonganyika

Growing up on his family farm which was full of plains game, which gave him the chance to get closer to nature at a tender age. Patrolling and guarding fields against baboons, bushpigs and other nocturnal animals. This kind of upbringing played a vital part in improving his bush skills, tracking and subsequently developed the love for nature and outdoor life.

Nicholas Gaunje

Nicholas began working as an automobile electrician in Kariba. He helped mend safari vehicles and accompanied guides on tented safaris. But, Nicholas was destined for something greater! With his passion for wildlife and fauna he decided to fulfill his dream to becoming a guide. Nicholas has worked in various countries in Africa including Botswana, Namibia and Zambia and has grown an even fonder love for his country.

Albert Sashandi

Growing up in the small village in the heart of the Okavango Delta called Jao instilled a passion for the bush in Albert. This passion has resulted in his desire to share the magic of a safari with his guests. With a passion for photography and walking safaris, Albert offers guests a varied experience under his guidance.