Khayelitshe House- Take Your Holiday Off the Grid

Beks Ndlovu, the Zimbabwean-born founder and CEO of  African Bush Camps, used to live in Khayelitshe House with his family. His admiration for the secluded hideaway led to its inclusion in ABC’s 16-camp portfolio, making it available to local families as a getaway to one of southern Africa’s most exclusive and opulent bush destinations.

Where is Khayelitshe House?

Khayelitshe House is located in the Matobo National Park, which is considered to be one of Africa’s most pristine parks. Although the landscape is rugged, you will find that the park is rich in wildlife, especially leopards and black eagles. The caverns of the Matobo Hills have more than 3000 recorded rock art sites, making the location the most densely populated area in the world for this type of art. Mzilikazi, the famed Ndebele King, adopted the name Matobo, which means “bald heads,” for the location. Mount Efifi, Rhodes’ Grave, Inungu, Silozwane Cave, and Mbambata Caves may all be viewed from a distance in the vicinity.

Khayelitshe House, Matobo National Park, African Bush Camps, Zimbabwe

To escape the hectic pace of contemporary life, Khayelitshe House provides a secluded refuge. The national park’s boundaries encircle it in a natural amphitheater of enormous rocks. Nearly 5 kilometers of private property surround Khayelitshe, offering breathtaking vistas of the countryside.

In the end, Khayelitshe’s appeal is derived from its simplicity and organic design. The diverse design, influenced by Beks’ travels around Africa and the rest of the globe, creates a sense of peace and vitality. The eco-friendly design complements the historic nature of the site. For families or groups of friends who wish to explore the Matobo Hills, the property has a casual vibe with a sign that reads “if you are barefoot, you are overdressed.”

When is the Ideal Time To Start Planning Your Safari?

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On the basis of a family, “Khayelitshe House” was erected, says Beks. In the past, the Matobo Hills have been a fascinating spot where people have made lasting ties with Africa’s outdoors. Khayelitshe was the appropriate location for making this experience more accessible to both foreign and local visitors.

Khayelitshe House – Perfect for a Family Getaway

The house can accommodate up to eight people in four en-suite guest rooms and is decorated with locally produced furniture, artwork, and antiques from all around the world. It is available for private rentals. Incorporating reclaimed railroad timbers and carved stones that pay homage to the heritage of African railways, the home serves as a cultural bridge between the continent’s urban centers and its rural countryside.

Khayelitshe House, Matobo National Park, African Bush Camps, Zimbabwe

Take a break from technology and focus on the beauty of nature. The fully-serviced home, which includes a chef, guide, floor manager, and security, is ideal for a long-stay escape. It provides guided outdoor activities. Among the activities included are rhino tracking, wildlife drives, and visits to Khoisan rock art and the Khami Ruins, both of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Wildlife enthusiasts and bird watchers may enjoy a variety of hiking and walking trails that are unlike any other.