Getting to Know Our Guides: The Perfect Balance Between Tradition, Training & Talent

At the heart of an authentic African safari is a passionate, knowledgeable, and intuitive guide.

Guides create a link between nature and you, as a guest. They have a unique way of interpreting the language of the mysterious African bush and translating that for you as they guide you through your African safari experience.

Nyamatusi guides

The Perfect Balance Between Tradition, Training & Talent

At African Bush Camps we pride ourselves on our guiding excellence. Our professional guides are men and women from the local communities around our camps in Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. They have a depth of local knowledge, rich cultural heritage, a passion for wildlife and nature conservation, and a talent for reading the language of the bush and sharing its stories. You may find that many of our guest traveler reviews often hail our guides as some of the best storytellers they have encountered and a well of wisdom when it comes to interpreting the bush, and the wildlife that call it home.

guides training

Their mastery makes us the home of Africa’s best Safari Guides and with each guest visit we add value to the areas and communities that our guides grew up in and still call home. It is a harmonious balance, a symbiotic ecosystem rooted in sharing and conserving Africa together.

In our opinion, guiding is an endless classroom where you never stop learning, so each year we run Guide Training Programs in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.Our guides come together for a week of intensive training covering a variety of topics related to their guiding field, tourism, sustainability and conservation. It is the perfect opportunity for them to connect, learn, share, and be inspired.

Our founder and guiding mentor, Beks Ndlovu, believes that what sets an exceptional guide apart is their sense of intuition. It’s like a sixth sense – the ability to translate signals from all other senses into a feeling that guides you.

A guide that is truly in touch and in tune with their natural surroundings, including other people, will let nature and the moment guide them, to create the most memorable experiences. Our Guide Training is practical and adventurous, guides go out into the African bush and become one with nature. They track and trace wildlife, and hone their sense of intuition.



It is exactly this intuition that creates the flow and flexibility at our camps, which allows guests to transcend timelines and nature’s stories, and to eclipse schedules.

We invite you to be guided by the best. We were born of the guide, the practice of guiding is at our core, its ongoing mastery is our mission. We believe that when you stop, look, listen and breathe it all in, you find things and see things beyond the expected, beyond your wildest dreams.