Five Ways Our Safaris Help You Reconnect With Nature

We’ve all been captivated by Africa’s allure before, thanks to many cinematic, musical, and literary renderings of this enchanted continent. Have you ever considered channelling Claire Foy’s safari chic in The Queen? It’s time to get away from Netflix and embark on an authentic, African safari journey.

Safaris are an excellent way to expand your mind and excite your senses, with a variety of trips offered throughout the continent’s numerous natural reserves and parks. There is nothing quite like it on earth, from the vast vistas to the massive diversity of species all engaged in the great game of survival.

Here are five ways an African safari helps you reconnect with nature:

You Get to Experience a Whole New World

Hwange National Park Zebra

Africa’s landscapes are unique. Each area on the continent has its own charms and significant features, from indigenous people to distinctive natural phenomena. You are literally spoilt for choice when deciding on a safari that suits your expectations. Bear in mind that there are ideal times to visit the more seasonal places. If your timing is right, you’ll have an amazing wildlife experience. For example, on a Botswana safari, you might see the zebra migration, if you plan your trip around December–March. We recommend chatting with one of our safari experts to plan your trip around these incredible experiences.

Experience More Than the Big Five

Most travellers, journey to Southern Africa to experience the Big Five of our wildlife. However, on an African safari, you may encounter way more than that. The African bush is unpredictable and full of surprises. You may even get to see wild dogs, antelopes, zebras, wildebeest, and hippo among others. In addition, Southern Africa also has a diverse birdlife. In fact, some may call it a bird-watcher’s paradise.

You Get to Escape the City

There are no busy intersections, hooting cars and trucks, or constant phones ringing on safari. It’s an actual escape from reality, albeit for a little while. You’re venturing into the wilderness, whether on foot, by 4×4, or even by canoe. As you move further away from the distractions of your daily routines and obligations, you’ll find that all of nature’s elements envelop all of your senses.

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Immerse Yourself in Culture

Zimbabwe locals singing and dancing

A journey into the African wilderness gives you the opportunity to encounter true African culture, whether through the African cuisine served or the people encountered. With African Bush Camps, you’ll get an authentic, luxury bush camping experience and the opportunity to interact with communities around our camps. A cultural visit is a part of your itinerary.

Adventure & Relaxation Intertwined

An African safari caters to both the adventurous traveller and the more relaxed one. You can spend hours in the bush with our professional guides, tracking lions or watching a herd of elephants splash around in a waterhole, then make your way back to one of our luxurious camps, and experience a relaxed armchair safari during sunset. It’s all up to you. We’ll tailor your safari experience to suit your preferences.