Everything You Need to Know About Our Intimate Heartlands

Our home is in the heart of Southern Africa, in the intimate heartland of Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana. It’s here, in these special places, where our camps thrive as they are harmoniously intertwined with nature and wildlife.

We’ve created a symbiotic ecosystem, taking its cues from the flows and ebbs of nature. Our intimate heartlands are simply breathtaking and have an abundance of wildlife, landscapes, rich cultural heritage and experiences on offer. Each of our camps in our intimate heartlands offer guests a curated experience, catering to individual needs, expectations and making sure you have an authentic African safari experience, beyond your wildest dreams.

Wildlife Botswana Walking Safari

From the intricacy of the design elements used to build our camps, to the curated experiences on offer and our locally staffed professional guides and hosts, every experience is designed to help bring you closer to our intimate heartlands, its wildlife, heritage and people.

We currently have seven camps in Botswana, nine in Zimbabwe and two in Zambia. These camps range from exploration, to signature and icon camps. Some of our exploration and icon camps are open seasonally, whereas our signature camps are open all-year-around. Our safari professionals will be able to guide you on the different seasons in our intimate heartlands and when would be the ideal time to plan your African safari.

We invite you to our luxury tented camps and lodges, ranging from luxury in the wild to wildly luxurious, to meet your every need.

This is a place to come and hear nature, a place to stop, listen, learn & give back.