COVID Requirements Travel to Botswana, Zimbabwe & Zambia

Travel has changed, but here is no doubt that people are still yearning to travel again! One thing that we have observed in the past few weeks is that the people who are wanting to travel are more intentional, more informed, and prepared to take on the adventure. We are here to ease your mind and supply you with all the relevant information so you can have a stress-free safari. 

For the latest updates of COVID Requirements (April 2021), click here.

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The National Guidelines for Aviation for COVID-19 have been set to ensure the safety of both travellers and airport staff. These are in addition to temperature testing, social distancing, sanitation, and mandatory wearing of masks.  

Please Note:  

Please be aware that this is a rapidly changing environment and the protocols mentioned are subject to amendment as and when new information is available, or changes are advised. 

There are still areas of uncertainty around COVID testing and travel in Botswana. We are awaiting further clarity on this information.  


For more about our in-house COVID regulations and Preventative Measures – read our blog here.


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