Adventure Safari Experiences

A safari is a true adventure

When we first started African Bush Camps, we wanted to create a playground to allow guides to be creative in exploring the environment. Our guides are true experts of the land and understand the best way to experience each place; allowing you to observe different animals and encounter new sensations. 

Our Adventure Safari Experiences

What to Expect

An adventure safari will include:

  • Game drives
  • Walking safari
  • Mokoro
  • Canoeing
  • Sunset/sunrise cruises
  • Vic Falls visit
  • Community visits
  • Helicopter flips in Botswana
  • Game Drives

    Game drives are what gets us up in the morning in the African bush, they’re a great avenue for exploring the land in a safe and exciting way.

  • Walking Safaris

    Buckle up your boots and explore the wonders of the natural world with African soil crunching beneath your feet.

  • Bird Watching

    Delight in spotting the Arnot’s chat, the Goliath heron or the majestic Long-crested eagle.

  • Cultural Visits

    Working together with the communities located in the areas surrounding where we operate gives locals an opportunity to be self-sustainable.