ABCF- Your Little by Little Goes Along Way!

The African Bush Camps Foundation is a recognised non-profit organisation dedicated to providing an opportunity for rural communities living in or near conservation areas to become more self-sufficient.

The Foundation aims to engage with communities in Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe to improve their quality of life through programmes concentrating on education, community empowerment, and nature conservation, with a particular emphasis on human co-existence with wildlife. We work closely with the rural communities that live in and around the wildlife areas where African Bush Camps operate.

You can help us make a bigger impact by donating to any of our three African Bush Camps Foundation Projects through the Global Giving campaign.

Since joining Global Giving, and thanks to our generous donors, we’ve been able to raise $182,933 in just three years of fundraising.

The Little By Little Campaign

For the month of September, Global Giving is hosting the Little by Little campaign. During this campaign, all eligible donations up to $50 USD per unique donor, per organisation will be matched at 50% for the duration of the campaign. 

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Donations made to the African Bush Camps Projects will count towards our total funds raised during the month of September 2022. You can make your donation via credit or debit card, Paypal, individually purchased GlobalGiving Gift Cards, and-Changa/M-Pesa.

Our Upcoming Back-to-school Golf Day Drive

Added to our global giving fundraising campaigns, ABCF will also be hosting a Back-to-school Golf Day Drive which is aimed at raising funds for much-needed stationery supplies for our Education Projects in Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The event will be taking place at the Milnerton Golf Club on the 1st of December 2022. To enter a team you can simply sign-up

Get Involved in the Little by Little Campaign Today

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Little by Little, through GlobalGiving, provides another opportunity to get involved with our life-changing work.

What’s more, is if you set up a monthly donation set up during this week will be eligible for both matches: the immediate 50% Little by Little match (up to $50) and a onetime 100% match (up to $200) as long as the new monthly donation remains active for a minimum of four payments.

Why You Should Donate to Our Foundation?

At the African Bush Camps Foundation, we work on three pillars that we feel can make the biggest long term impact: Education, community empowerment and conservation. And we’re proud to partake in the Little By Little Campaign hosted by Global Giving this year

Your donation makes a really big difference, and by supporting Global Giving’s Little by little campaign between the April 2022, we can join hands to give these project the support they need.