10 Travel Resolutions for You to Make Sure You Travel With Purpose in 2023

As the new year begins, a good way to plan your year is to start with some resolutions. Perhaps you’ve decided to prioritise your health, start a new hobby, venture off on a new career path, or spend some more time making memories with your family.

We have another meaningful resolution to add to your list. How about making 2023 the year for purpose-driven travel? We have some great ideas on how you can do that in small and big ways.

Here are our top 10 travel resolutions for 2023.

1. Travel with purpose, travel with family

Do you remember a childhood summer vacation or family trip that was one of your best memories? Imagine creating those long-lasting memories with your kids and making sure they have something to remember and boast about for years to come.

Family safaris, or any family vacation, create lifelong memories. It gives you a chance to break away from the normal day-to-day routine, exposes your family to other cultures, tastes, and experiences, and is even excellent for your health, according to recent studies. An African safari on the other hand is a bucket list experience which your kids will remember for a lifetime. There is simply nothing like experiencing a diversity of wildlife, picturesque views and the majesty of the African sun, with your family.

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2. Take a Moment to Unplug

An African safari is the perfect opportunity for you to get away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day city life. Take a moment to unplug on your holiday. Spend some time soaking in your environment and enjoying what’s on offer in the African bush. There is plenty of new things you can learn from our professional guides about the location, wildlife, and cultures around our camps.

If spending your whole day without social media is too much for you. How about dedicating time to that somewhere in your day? Perhaps you should upload all your photos once you get back and catch up with your relatives before enjoying a sundowner. Time management can save you from sacrificing all of your pleasures. Especially if you’re a digital nomad.

3. Try Not to Turn Your Vacation into a Project

You may be asking, “what do you mean by that”? Well your time with us should be a pleasurable experience and not jam-packed with tiresome activities leaving you utterly exhausted after a few hours. It wouldn’t be a vacation if you’re more exhausted than you are at work. Pace yourself. Our expert safari consultants will help you plan your safari to accomodate adventure and relaxations. Leave all of the heavy lifting up to us.

4. Travel Slower

Instead of a quick, three or four day stay, why not opt for longer? You can chat to one of our safari consultants about our long stay special or an exclusive stay at Khayelitshe house in the gracious Matobo Hills in Zimbabwe.

Khayelitshe House, Matobo National Park, African Bush Camps, Zimbabwe

Call this your home away from home and the exclusivity is just what your family needs when you opt to stay longer. Travelling slower means you take time out of the equation, and ultimately you get to experience more, and make more memories.

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5. Try New Things & Experiences

Going to another country and only opting for the food and experiences you’re used to is a total waste of time and may rob you of invaluable experiences. There may be many stories that you have read about the destination you will be visiting, but the only way to truly immerse yourself in its culture is to live through it.

At our camps, we allow our guests to explore at their own pace while embracing local cultures and cuisine inspired by the communities around our camps.

We also offer cultural visits, where you will be able to meet local members of the community and get involved with some of our projects run by our African Bush Camps Foundation.

6. Pack Lighter

Packing for a well-planned safari might be stressful. Our African safari consultants have the perfect advice for you. Chances are that you will be making use of a small aircraft travelling to and from camps which allows 44 pounds of soft duffels per passenger in Southern Africa and 33 pounds per person in East Africa. The most important thing is to avoid wheels on your luggage, which add eight to 12 pounds. A lightweight duffel without wheels gives you more weight for clothes and shoes.

pack lighter

Bring along light, earth-toned clothing. Most camps offer laundry, making travelling light simple (think three to four outfits). Night game drives are cool, so bring a jacket or fleece.

7. Make Sure You Have Travel Insurance

For anyone looking for an adventurous travel experience far away from home, it is important to make sure you have travel insurance. Your travel insurance may cover airline cancellations, luggage damage or loss, emergency medical requirements etc. Good travel insurance is but a fraction of your ticket price, a tiny fee to pay for reassurance.

8. Become a Concious/Responsible Traveller

Conscious travel urges us to slow down and be mindful. Responsible travel doesn’t imply you can’t be adventurous or luxurious or that your vacations have to revolve around volunteering (although they can). Becoming a concious travellers benefits you, the environment and others around you.

9. Start Optimizing Your Miles & Points

Build a points and miles strategy now to counteract rising prices post-COVID. By planning ahead, you may earn travel points to lower the cost of your next adventure. You may start planning now for your next African safari or for some high-tech camera equipment to capture the magnificent wildlife on your next trip to Botswana, Zambia or Zimbabwe.

10. Try Some Place New!

We all have our favourite destination to return to every year, but why not take a chance at something new? You may be pleasantly surprised and perhaps you may even add to your collection of favourites. In 2022, we added Lolebezi as one of the latest lodges to join the African Bush Camps Family. It has been described by safari-goers as “pure magic” and we can’t wait for you to experience all the magic of Lolebezi yourself.

Lolebezi is set on five hectares of protected wilderness, the lodge has been designed to make the most of the one kilometre of private river frontage. Waking up with the majestic Zambezi River flowing just in front of your room is a truly exceptional experience!